+ Bookkeeping and Accounts Advisory Services

We manage your bookkeeping and accounting tasks. We gladly take into consideration your personal requirements and concerns and together we work out the best possible tailor-made solution.

+ Tax Consulting / Tax Returns

Compentent tax advice is extremely important for the success of a company or individual. We regulary attend trainings in order to remain on the forefront of the latest know-how and thereby guarantee well-thought-out tax advice creating sustainable optimization - to your advantage. Upon request we can arrange to consult you and execute the necessary tax returns at your offices.

+ Accounting / Auditing

We, the alghisi treuhand gmbh and Mr. Anibal Alghisi are both licensed as Audit Experts by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority FAOA.


We offer the following auding services:

+ Conduct Statutory Audits
+ Conduct Limited Audits Conduct Statutory Audits

+ Examine Founders Reports for Non-Cash Formations, respectively Tangle-Asset Takeover Formations

+ Payroll / Personnel Administration

We prepare your annual statements for all social insurances, administer your monthly payroll, and represent you in audits.

+ Business Formation / Liquidation

Establishing your own business requires not only proficiency in your craft, but also a detailed perspective of the accounting and adminstrative processes. Count on us when it comes to the formation of your sole-ownership, collective partnership, incorporation or closed corporation. We will responsibly prepare all the necessary documents.

Value-added Taxation / VAT-Proxy

+ Value-added Taxation / VAT-Proxy

Let us take care of all your VAT-related issues. You can count on our competent and reliable advice and support. For our clients outside Switzerland who do not have a business location in Switzerland, we can assume the tax proxy.

+ Business Consulting / Business Assessment

Business Consulting and Assessment rank among the most challenging of the responsibilities we can take over for you.